Friday, October 23, 2009

Home Decor Inspiration at FIAC 2009


FIAC is one of the big annual art expos in Paris during the month of October. The name FIAC stands for International Fair of Contemporary Art. This year I noticed that many exhibiting artists were inspired by home decor.





The Background of a Hostage Incident, 2009 by the Art & Language Group. The Art & Language group was founded in 1968 in the United Kingdom by artists Terry Atkinson, David Bainbridge(b. 1941), Michael Baldwin (b. 1945) and Harold Hurrell (b. 1940), four artists who began collaborating around 1966 while teaching art in Coventry .


The Art Gallery BISHOP/WEISS exhibits workd by Matt Golden. Matt studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art in London, UK.. ( CV)



Grotto, 2008, by Bettina Buck.

Bettina Buck is a German artist, born in 1974, who studied Fine Arts in Cologne and London. She is represented at FIAC by the Italian Gallery MONITOR.



Empathy by Gyula Varnai.

He is an Hungarian artist born in 1956 who studied mathematics, physics and music. He is represented at FIAC by ACB.


Table Wear


Tea Pot with Shadow by Hand Peter Feldmann.

Hans Peter Feldmann is a German artist born in 1941.



Table by Thomas Smith.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Juan Montoya Design




One of the most acclaimed designer in the United States today. Born in Colombia he graduated from Parsons School of Design. He founded Juan Montaoya Design in 1978. He also designs furniture. Despite what Juan Montoya said, " "The client and space dictate what style I will be working in. I consider myself a tailor who finds the best materials to clothe an interior in the most appealing and comfortable manner, down to the last detail", there is a Juan Monoya style:  the closest attention to detail,  a South American sense of color and a love of quality art work







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