Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My bed for an empire

A bed stripped to its essentials: this is minimalism.

The dream of the eternal virgin.... (so clean that men are prohibited).

A well made contemporary version of the traditional bed, sometimes known as a "lit bateau," or boat bed.

A beautiful art nouveau bed designed by Louis Majorelle in 1902.
Known as "le lit nenuphar," or the waterlily bed.
The bolster pillow is oh so typically French!

What's a beautiful bed without comfortable linens...
hand embroidered pure linen sheets, simply the best of the best.

(and anti-allergenic and 100% organic to boot! )

An extravangant 19th century bed (Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris)

A 20th century romantic version of a "lit à la polonnaise." The curtains are made of a modern printed toile inspired by "toile de Jouy" in harmony with the wall paper.

An American four poster bed

In the middle ages individual sleeping rooms were non-existent. More often than not, even the bed was shared by several people. If by chance you’ve read Tristan and Iseult you may remember that Tristan slept in the same room as the king and his wife. Surrounding a bed with curtains was a way to not only protect from the cold but to insure a bit of intimacy as well. This kind of decoration later evolved into a sign of stature.

A rustic 19th century canopy bed.

Bed " Lit à la polonnaise" with a round fabric dome ,and elaborate upholstery details.King Georges IV of England acquired such a bed for his private residence Carlton House in the 1780s

Four French rustic beds 18th and 19th century.

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What a royal and majestic look! All the luxury and full of comfort!

canopy beds said...

Beautiful bed, I have an affinity for nature-inspired pieces, and this is stunning. Your blog is inspiring and elegant, I have subscribed and I adore it!!!

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